Our aims

The Woady Yaloak Catchment Group has set four desired outcomes, against which they measure progress:

  1. Viable businesses, defined by:
  • diversity of productive pursuits
  • increased profitability by landholders
  • infrastructure investment.
  1. A strong community capable of managing change, which involves:
  • inclusive processes to engage the community
  • landholders with small and large holdings supporting each other to take positive action
  • leadership arising from within the catchment
  • partnerships with Government and other organisations
  • a spread of lifestyles with choices about their future.
  1. A natural environment that nurtures business viability and that works within the capacity of the catchment. This is seen by:
  • enterprises conducted on land suitable and capable of sustaining the practice
  • minimisation of 'off site' impacts from enterprise
  • natural systems established that support biodiversity that in turn has a positive impact on business pursuits.
  1. Protection and enhancement of the flora and fauna, to achieve:
  • a net gain of important flora and fauna in the catchment
  • reduce impact on flora and fauna from pest plants and animals and agricultural actions.